Sunday, May 6, 2007

Proposal video -- finally!!!

I'm happy to announce our proposal video is ready and uploaded to :-) Here it is:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Wedding plans

Well, we've set a date and made a schedule between now and the end of our honeymoon. The wedding will be Sunday, August 12 in the SoCal area (likely close to Loma Linda). We don't like the short time-frame, but we didn't want a December wedding (her next long vacation after August), and we really didn't want to wait until next April (she only gets 3 long breaks per year).

It sure has been tough figuring out a location for the ceremony and reception. A lot of places are booked, several others are way more than we want to pay, and the rest just aren't appealing. Except for a few places. We have one location confirmed and held by a deposit, so we'll at least have something. But we want to see if we can find a good indoor location for the ceremony, considering how hot August is around here!

I've finally been able to clear off my schedule enough so I can sit down with Jani and figure out just how immense the wedding planning job is. It sure looks like a lot! I can see why she's feeling so stressed. The planner we have assumes the wedding is at least 9 months after the engagement, and we only gave ourselves half that, so we're way behind. :-\ But I've been checking things off and noticed that if we complete only 0.872 items every day between now and June 12, we'll be fully caught up!!! And several of those items are 80-90% complete already. That doesn't sound too bad after all....